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What We Do

Planet Save strongly believes in protecting the environment.  Keeping the earth safe and clean is our biggest goal.  We focus on a variety of projects and ways to help communities become more green and eco-friendly.

Our Activities

Computer Adoption Drives

Planet Save refurbishes retired computers and office equipment to distribute them to those in need.  Our goal is to reduce the amount of serviceable technology going to e-waste while help close the technological access gap.

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Beach & Park Cleanups

We hope that individual cities will lead the way in conservationist efforts. By providing a good example, such as clean and green municipal facilities, we believe that people will follow that example.  



Environmental changes cannot happen without educating the community first. Planet Save hosts public seminars called Eco-Summits to inform people of current environmental issues, and how to help solve them.



Planet Save produces a variety of content from short films to documentaries.  Our films focus on bringing light to specific environmental issues.  Planet Save’s documentary on climate change, No Part Too Small, was recognized at multiple film festivals.  Jane the Quaranteen takes a humorous approach to providing a PSA for how to stay healthy and environmental during the COVID-19 pandemic.


3-D Printing

Planet Save refurbishes and distributes retired computers and office technology to those in need. By doing so, we are able to reduce the amount of electronics going to landfills as well as help out the community.

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Drone Research

Drones are invaluable tools in conservation efforts as they can be used to gather crucial data.  We use drones to generate plant health maps that help optimize water usage.  We would like to thank MMC UAV for their generous efforts in helping our cause!


Air Quality Monitoring

Planet Save uses Purple Air particulate matter sensors to monitor air quality.  Purple Air sensors are small sensors that are able to detect air pollutants in the air in the form of small particles.  It uses a dual channel laser sensor and uploads its data onto a cloud-based map.  

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